bryce johnson

Staging files with git quickly and precisely in interactive mode

I used to think there were only two ways to stage files with git prior to commiting them-- all at once, or one at a time. Until I found interactive mode.

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Yes, you can painlessly set a click event on a .swf file

No, you don't have to touch ActionScript or manipulate object params in the DOM if you don't want to. Spoiler alert, mousedown.

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How to display a fixed element only while the user is scrolling

Certain navigation elements are only useful to users when they're looking for new content. The following is a simple tutorial for making an element fade in as the user scrolls and fadeout as they pause to read.

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Why is 'e' passed as a parameter in some JavaScript functions?

The answer is simple, but 'e' confused me for a while. Here's a practical explanation, along with a few code samples and resources for further reading.

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Tips for wrapping your head around prototypal inheritance

Prototypal inheritance is tricky, but any serious JavaScript developer needs to know it inside and out. Here's a pretty diverse set of resources that helped me learn the basics.

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Don't start learning TypeScript with the spec

Typescript isn't very well documented yet, but the official spec isn't all we've got. Here's where I'd recommend you get started.

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